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Bible Study: Colors of the Bible

This section will be updated continually as a deeper study is underway on it. It is quite interesting.

Art Projects:
Color Wheel
Coloring Primary Colors
Coloring Secondary Colors

Where is it found in the bible? The first time all of these colors were indirectly named was in the time of Noah. When God made a covenant with Noah by his Rainbow in the sky. The rainbow held all the colors of the spectrum of ROYGBIV. Directly here are some scriptures which the colors are found.
Earth, Adam, First time mentioned as keyword (red) in scripture is at Gen 25:25 [Red is also = Crimson, Scarlet]

Orange is not directly mentioned in the bible. However, the color Saffron is. If you look in the Song of Solomon 4:14 It reads as this, “Spikenard and saffron; calamus and cinnamon, with all trees of frankincense; myrrh and aloes, with all the chief spices:” The biblical usage of saffron states this: “an orange-yellow flower of the crocus family, used for flavouring in drinks and confections in order to promote perspiration for cooling of the body” This was obtained from the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia: The source of the true saffron is Crocus sativus (Natural Order, Indaceae), a plant cultivated in Palestine; there are 8 wild varieties in all of which, as in the cultivated species, the orange-colored styles and stigmas yield the yellow dye, saffron.
Here are some of the Colors of Saffron: Saffron 1Saffron 2

Yellow or (Yellow-gold)

There are two definitions in the Hebrew found in ref to yellow. 1.) H6669 2.) H3422. It’s color has been compared to the leprosy in garments/skin, colors of a doves wing, money/coins, and of gold. In the ISBE it states,”This word occurs in Esther 1:6 to describe pavement; in Leviticus 13 to describe leprous hair; in Psalm 68:13 to describe gold.”


There are six scriptures that directly refer to the color green. The Hebrew number for it is: H3418. Other words are green, greenness, green plants, greenery. God first named the color when referring to food he gave to mankind to eat. (Gen 1:30)



The color purple is first mentioned in (Exo 25:4) often referred to purple and or red-purple. It is a precious color with dyes also being extracted from shellfish found on the shores of the Mediterranean sea. It was used primarily throughout the bible in reference to cloths that were used for the temples and garments. The strong’s concordance word for purple is: H713. Here is a link to a further definition: Purple


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